February 15, 2012


Because A Panda Thing Swallowing You Is Not Nightmare Fuel.

So far we've had an audio and album review post. Now it's our first video post! Hooray!

It took me awhile to figure out what genre and what visuals I wanted to present for our first video catch. Should it be super artsy? Would it be better to defy all metaphorical thought? Should I just not give a damn? While browsing around and thinking, a conversation in a bookstore with Curtigh caught my attention. We were in the arts section and glanced upon a book on very simple designs and patterns. Clean, neat, stylized and pretty easy to conceive. The style we immediately thought to compare the book to was of this video. And so I simply present to you Fantastic Plastic Machine's Different Colors:

For info and thoughts, click below~

Stuck On Replay

Super Mash Bros. is this duo, now trio, of hipsters that likes to mash up current-ish pop music with nostalgic classics. Their debut, Fuck Bitches. Get Euros. was a fantastic album, with nearly all the tracks being instantly catchy. (see here). Their sophmoric effort, All About the Scrillions was much more hit or miss. And now, they have released a third album, Mile(y) High Club. After a frankly awful live show (mostly due to the audience), have they redeemed themselves?

Oh god yes.